Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The secret life of bacteria: small, smart and thoughtful (AUDIO)

Radio ABC Austrialia is at it again with a very interesting program on bacteria.

We can't survive without them -- and we've long underestimated their prowess. Controversially, bacteria could even have cognitive talents that rival our own. Predatory behaviour, cooperation, memory -- Jules Verne eat your heart out -- Natasha Mitchell takes you on a strange adventure into the secret world of microbial mentality.

While I have you: check out what Charles Hartshorne has to say about "the mind of a microbe"  and why intelligence and freedom, creativity, and desire for the future, are fundamental ingredients throughout all of nature.  (MP3 HERE)

Listen to the beginning moments (00:00-7:33) as well as (33:18-35:07)

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