Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another bear encounter

Na and I were taking our evening walk and came across an enormous black bear. Vigilant of bears in the area (my sister saw one a few hours earlier, to see her fantastic photo of a bear and her cubs click HERE) our only main concern was a mother and her cubs.

Na saw the bear first, who was astonishingly quiet for what looked like to be an animal in the 700-800lb. range.

I was only able to grab a few seconds of video as we backed away to a safe distance. Initially the bear appeared from the woods literally less than about 30' from us.

Hopefully I am able to post this small clip. Again, this clip is after we backtracked away from the animal, but still from the proportion of its size to the road you can see its body is nearly as large as a half to three quarters of a single lane of the road. On all fours it was up to Nalina's shoulders.