Thursday, June 5, 2014

Berlin Accelerationist/Universalism Summer School

Good friend Pete Wolfendale is involved, who is always a pleasure to correspond with when I get the chance.  Fellow Peirce and Zalamea admirer Reza Negarastani will be there too. (I've never met Reza but we seem to have alot of common interests.  Would love to meet him and chat.)

The school is organized by Armen Avanessian who ran last year's "Anonymous Materials" event and the "Contemporary Realism, Materialism, and Metaphysics" event the year before.  He also curated the Accelerationism Symposium this past December.  Note that these are different than the annual German summer schools in Bonn run by Markus Gabriel, whose most recent (this year's) is on the philosophy of Hegel.

The deadline to apply to Armen's event is past but I'm sure if you act quickly you could probably attend if there are seats left.  I know the Philadelphia Summer School in Continental Philosophy filled up fast but with flexible seating we always try to accommodate those interested.

So far by my count there are four summer schools that are roughly related in terms of covering contemporary Continental philosophy (or involving scholars in that area).  Pittsburgh Summer Symposium in Contemporary Philosophy; Philadelphia Summer School in Continental Philosophy; A. Avanessian's Berlin Summer events/school; M. Gabriel's Bonn Summer School in German Philosophy.  While not a summer school the North American Schelling Society usually has their conference over the summer and many of the same folks who attend these summer schools show up at NASS as well.  But if I am missing one please let me know.

Link to the event is HERE.