Friday, January 14, 2022

Reading Groups updated for Spring and Summer 2022

I've updated the plan for our weekly get-together Reading Group for spring and summer 2022.  I began running these reading groups my first year of grad school and chose not to stop once I graduated with the Ph.D.  (I took my Ph.D. in 2009.)  Hard to believe but they've proved invaluable in encountering new ideas and discussing ideas with others so as to get real hands-on experience with texts and research that, more often than not, helped me move in profitable directions while avoiding the pitfalls of others.

Link HERE.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

quote of the day

 "Here and now is the Forest Rebel's motto - he is the spirit of free and independent action."

- Ernst Junger, The Forest Passage

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Didier Debaise: Nature and Its Others. The Invention of a Political Force (video)


 The moderns have invented a ‘nature’ and made it one of their most important political institutions. The talk will revisit this very singular adventure through which a number of local inventions, gestures, and operations, namely within experimental systems, have given birth to a new political force. Disconnecting this nature from the very conditions of its emergence and existence, the moderns have instantiated it as an essential actor within processes of normalization of practices and as a crucial instrument justifying the extension of their impact on all other territories. Today the question has become the following: How to resist the hegemonic tendencies of this modern version of nature in order to restore space and give back legitimacy to other ways of inhabiting the earth. 

 Didier Debaise is a permanent researcher at the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS) and the director of the Center of Philosophy at Free University of Brussels (ULB) where he teaches contemporary philosophy. He is one of the co-founders, with Isabelle Stengers, of the Groupe d’études constructivistes (Geco). His main areas of research are contemporary forms of speculative philosophy, theories of events, and links between American pragmatism and French contemporary philosophy. He wrote three books on Whitehead’s philosophy (Un empirisme spéculatif, Le vocabulaire de Whitehead and L’appât des possibles), edited volumes on pragmatism (Vie et experimentation), on the history of contemporary metaphysics (Philosophie des possessions), and wrote numerous papers on Bergson, Tarde, Souriau, Simondon, and Deleuze. In 2017, two of his books appeared in English: Nature as Event: The Lure of the Possible and Speculative Empiricism: Revisiting Whitehead. He is currently working on a new book, Pragmatique de la terre.

Link HERE.