Monday, April 25, 2022

The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast: Ep. 292: Langer on Symbolic Music (Part One) (Podcast)

Ep. 292: Langer on Symbolic Music (Part One)
The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast

On Susanne Langer's Philosophy in a New Key (1942), ch. 8-10. Is music (the supposedly non-representational artform) a language? If it's "expressive," what exactly does it express? Part two of this episode is only going to be available to you if you sign up at 

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Friday, April 22, 2022

Nature and Naturalism in Classical German Philosophy


A new book appearing in August looks quite fascinating.

Nature and Naturalism in Classical German Philosophy is a collection of essays that sets out to present exactly what the title depicts. I'll copy below the table of contents - however I'd urge anyone who is interested in Naturphilosophie to take a look at this. Obviously a high price-point prohibits easily adding it to one's collection, but from the essay titles alone it seems like the sort of thing that would be essential in the philosophical naturalist's library.

Introduction: Nature and Naturalism: The Relevance of Classical German Philosophy, Luca Corti and Johannes-Georg Schülein 1. Kant’s Regulative Naturalism, James R. O'Shea 2. The Concept of Life in Classical German Philosophy: A Question of Nature or the Lifeworld?, Brigit Sandkaulen 3. Nature and Freedom in Schlegel and Alexander von Humboldt, Elizabeth Millán Brusslan 4. The Challenge of Plants: Goethe, Humboldt, and the Question of Life, Dalia Nassar 5. Beyond Nature? The Place of the Natural World in J.G. Fichte’s Early Wissenschaftslehre, Daniel Breazeale 6. The Fichte-Schelling Debate, or: Six Models for Relating Subjectivity and Nature, Philipp Schwab 7. Schelling and Von der Weltseele, John Zammito 8. The Freedom of Matter: Self-Constitution in Schelling’s ‘Physical Explanation of Idealism’, Johannes-Georg Schülein 9. Beyond A Naturalistic Conception of Nature: Nature and Life in Hegel’s Early Writings, Luca Illetterati 10. The Phenomenology and the Logic of Life: Heidegger and Hegel, Robert Pippin 11. The Logical Form of a Living Organism: Hegel, Naturalism, and Biological Autonomy, Luca Corti 12. Genus-Being. On Marx’s Dialectical Naturalism, Thomas Khurana