Sunday, October 27, 2013

interesting Stengers and Whitehead article + some thoughts on society or social vs. nature and individual

Interesting article on Whitehead and Stengers titled "Realities to be-come: on Cosmopolitics," HERE.  The article brings up the distinction between social and non-social, between a society of occasions and thinking that transcends modal dichotomies in favor of plurimodal actualities.  For example, a thinking beyond nature and culture (Descola, Stengers) but one, also, that embraces the reality of singular actualities that are "individuals" that ever be-come.

I have been reading alot lately about the social nature of actual occasions, the social nature of the individuating process, with hopes of discovering within it a more subjective, personal, and "private" process of self-articulation and process of individuation.  On this road, the metaphysics of individuation, I've traveled along with the likes of Tarde, Simondon, Deleuze, Ruyer, Stengers, Latour, Leibniz, and Whitehead.  I've even immersed myself within Weiss's Privacy and You, I, and the Others (that's an obscure reference, but an avenue that has taught me much)Ecologically speaking, I am now interested in the value of individuals and societies.

How is it that I've made my way through these philosophers in just a few months?

The secret to reading alot is to read whenever you can.