Sunday, October 27, 2013

can Whitehead be a Christian philosopher? on the monarchical social organization of actual occasions

Hartshorne's ethical treatment of Leibnizian monads in Whiteheadian vein - that is, as societies of occasions guided by a dominant monarchical monad, is something that I look favorably upon due to my metaphysical commitment to panpsychism and panentheism.  For more information on that, see the section "Social Process," HERE.

The fact that it may be possible for a dominant occasion (dominant in its ontological integrity and positive aesthetic, moral, and political value) to guide or lure all other becoming occasions, monads, etc. etc. - looked at within the domain of theology - may thus place Whitehead, if his ontology be universalized sufficiently enough, within the domain of Christian or dare even I say "Catholic," i.e. "universal," metaphysics. See HERE

How the diversity of these occasions, or ever-becoming qualitative forms of life, is organized under a singular vital function or principle, thus constituting not only an ecological metaphysic but an ecotheological metaphysics, is HERE.