Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Adrian Johnston interview (with some of my thoughts linked)

A very good interview making the rounds, link HERE.  The interview is care of Peter Gratton (of Memorial U Newfoundland) who conducted the interview.

Peter is a great personality to work with.  He is editing The Meillasssoux Dictionary (EUP, forthcoming) and I am glad to be a part of that, having contributed some entries on Meillassoux and the divine inexistence and related etc. etc.  Be sure to check out his blog Philosophy in a Time of Error - it's been around for awhile, is established, and has some great content.  Anyway, I'm thankful he posted the interview; a great read.

Adrian Johnston is an interesting guy as well - and he gave some fantastic responses to Peter's questions.  I've written to Adrian once, asking about his trilogy through Northwestern UP (it was listed as "available" on amazon, but was not available, at the time).

My interest in Adrian's work stems from some provocative comments he has made while giving talks on panels with Ray Brassier in particular, and of course there are one or two items in Peter's interview that I'd like to address.  I have as of yet to "officially" speak to Adrian's work via publication, but I've made my thoughts known HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I've been told on more than one occassion that mutual interests (naturalism, German idealism, Hegel, materialism, realism, etc.) but wildly different conclusions may make for a good debate between us.  The same has been said concerning Ray Brassier.

We'll see, hopefully one day. 

For now, these videos featuring Johnston and Brassier are worth rewatching if you haven't already seen them.  See HERE and HERE.