Saturday, December 30, 2017

Recommended in the category of music

Geneva Jacuzzi

Below are some excerpts of reviews from the Philadelphia section of Deli Magazine, featuring new music artists that I particularly enjoy and thought After Nature readers might enjoy as well. I've also added a feature on John Maus by Vice's new music channel Noisey.

First up is Void Vision:

New Music Video: "The Source" - Void Vision

Smokey, shadowy synths come with a submissive wrapped in cellophane; the recently unearthed video for “The Source” by Void Vision visualizes the mysterious, edgy momentum that Shari Vari creates. Found on her latest LP Sub Rosa (Mannequin Records), the song’s alluring yet creepy vibe comes to life via haunting keys, generating a hyperactive tumultuous tale. Capturing a sinister, spiritual splitting, the video confounds with its perplexing optics. You can catch Void Vision tomorrow night at Johnny Brenda’s with ADULT and Ritual Howls.

Link HERE.

Philly's own Blood Sound, with a new retro-looking compilation of their trio sounds, now that the band has diminished to a duo.

"Dark prom pop" purveyors Blood Sound plan to release their debut EP, as a duo, in 2018. However, before that happens, they wanted to share a collection of their favorite recordings with Chris J., who has decided to ride off on his new motorcycle towards the next phase of his life. Sink into your own stratosphere with Everything Is Always in the Past, as the sleek synths and pulse-pacing rhythms demand for you to dance in the dark. Before turning the page to a New Year/new beginning, embrace the memories of this sonic snapshot.

Link HERE. Link to Blood Sound's newest streaming anthology as of December 2017, HERE.

And always fun, Geneva Jacuzzi. A nice write-up HERE.

Interview with John Maus by Vice's Noisey: titled "John Maus at the End of the World." Brings readers up to speed with what Maus has been doing the past six years. HERE. John Maus show featuring Geneva Jacuzzi, HERE.