Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cosmic accelerationism

"As the bubble expands forever, the volume of this universe would increase without limit..."

Aeon has an article up HERE covering accelerating cosmic expansion and "bubble" universes, multiverses, and so on. Essentially the article points to how not only philosophically but cosmologically accelerationism as applied to the cosmos is true. From the article:
By taking careful measurements of supernovae and other indicators, cosmologists can now plot the expansion rate of the Universe accurately as a function of time and, using Einstein’s equations of general relativity, determine the value of the vacuum energy. The latest measurement is that it is 7 x 10-30 grammes per cubic centimetre. We can also determine the ratio of the pressure to the energy density in dark energy today...
That ratio indicates how dark energy changes over time, and how the Universe changes with it... 
As far as we know, this doubling could go on forever. Distant galaxies will flee from us because of the stretching of space between us and them. After a sufficient number of doublings, the space between them and us will be stretching so fast that their light will no longer be able to cross this ever-widening gap to reach us. Distant galaxies will fade from view and we will find ourselves seemingly alone in the visible Universe....Vacuum energy is not just a recipe for cosmic loneliness. It could also be an agent of change, destruction and rebirth. The value of vacuum energy depends on the values of different fields permeating empty space.... 
Life would be hard inside the bubble, too. Within these bubbles, vacuum energy is large and negative, with a large positive pressure. Because pressure dominates, there is an overall strong gravitational attraction, which has a crushing effect. Any object like Earth that you might imagine forming inside the bubble would be squashed quickly, due to the big overall gravitational attraction of the negative vacuum energy. 
If a bubble formed inside the 28-billion-light-year radius, we would die as surely as that fly on the windshield.
My question would be, does cosmic acceleration tend toward Being with zero degree, as in, the cosmos "ends" both in terms of space and time by way of death-by-generality - a "flat line" of true cosmic darkness Absolute? Or, given that same acceleration, does some sort of pluralistic mutiplication of particulars occur where intelligence multi-proliferates into innumerable intelligences, proliferations, and particulars such that the speed of generalization equals infinity and any form of "zero degree" and emptiness would be impossible?

The History channel used to have quite a few "end of the universe" episodes up on YouTube which put into layterms alof of these scenarios. Sadly though they've been removed for what I imagine to be copyright issues. Still, if you can find one they are always worth watching.