Sunday, August 6, 2017

a music recommendation

An After Nature reader emailed in (wishing for her name to be withheld, no problem) asking for the possibility of more music recommendations, something which has always been just in the "background" here at the blog. I used to post alot more music-type things but only do so infrequently now.

In any case, I decided to oblige. I know not all readers are crazy about music postings as musical tastes vary quite wildly. But, it was a request. So...

Jesu is a band that was introduced to me by my good friend Kevin S. who lives out in Arizona. I want to say this was back in '05-ish. The band is the brainchild of Justin Broadrick, formerly of the industrial band Godflesh (who released the landmark "Streetcleaner" EP back in 1989). Jesu is abit like Godflesh but with much more tonal emotion and expression.

First track is "Sunday" which around the four minute mark really opens up. Definitely be prepared to sit down and get taken through the track, perhaps as you are working on the computer or reading or whatever. Very, very emotional - nearly melancholic. It's just an experience to listen to.

Second track is "Silver" which is just a tight song all around and which interestingly picks up around the four minute mark as well.

Maybe readers will enjoy these. Who knows.