Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Europe Travel Blog: Salzburg and Hallstaat, Austria + Heidelberg and Triberg, Germany

"Der Philosophenweg" (Philosopher's Path), Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Schlosshof (Heidelberg Castle), Photo from Philosopher's Path

View of Heidelberg city, location of where I am currently writing Transcendental Naturalism (or Speculative Naturalism, title still yet to be determined)
"Fachwerk" (half timber), Swabian style farm home in the Black Forest, Triberg, Germany

The Eternal Romantics, Museum Exhibit, Triberg

Depiction of Goethe, Museum Exhibit, Triberg

Caspar David Friedrich, Museum Exhibit, Triberg

Albrecht Altdorfer, first German lansdcape painting  from 1520, Museum Exhibit, Triberg

Fascination of the Forest, Museum Exhibit, Triberg

Field and forest, Triberg

Triberg village, view from mountain path

Triberg station, hiking trails adjacent to the station

Salzburg, Austria

View from bridge, Salzburg

Narrow city streets offer their charm below the Untersberg, massif of the Bertesgaden Alps, Salzburg

Mozart Residence, Salzburg

Mozart, central square, Salzburg

Mozart dinner concert, video courtesy of Na

Salzburg Cathedral

Exploring hidden groves near the cemetery, Salzburg

Friedrich Schiller statue, Salzburg

View of Salzburg from path atop the edge of town

Streets and gardens, Salzburg

Festung Hohensalzburg, view from field, Salzburg

Welcome to Hallstaat, Austria

Hallstaat, village on Western shore of Hallstaat Lake located in the mountainous Salzkammergut region of the Alps

In cable car en route to the ancient salt mine of Salzwelten, Hallstaat

Hiking atop the mountains of the Echern Valley, Hallstaat

Salzkammergut Berge station, beginning of the trail, Hallstaat

Cozy mountain cabin accommodations for a romantic night with Na, Hallstaat

Edge of stream by Salzkammergut Berg, Hallstaat