Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Half Hour Hegel (YouTube playlist)

This is unspeakably impressive.

Each video is about a half hour and proceeds paragraph by paragraph through Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.

I can only imagine how much work must go into this having myself read the Phenomenology several times over - perhaps at least three of which were intense studies, each time taking about a year.

In any case, if you can support the project please do. Otherwise these videos could be a resource for those working though the book for the first time (or otherwise).

As it stands there are 132 videos...yes, one hundred and thirty two. What an accomplishment so far.

For those interested yet still and who may require some print resources to complement these videos, please see my post " Would Hegel Be a Hegelian Today?" featuring resources by H.S. Harris, HERE.

It should be said that Harris' Hegel's Ladder (two volumes) is the gold standard, and while available in .pdf, investing in the print hard-copies is advised if only for scholarship's sake. Harris on hand in hard-copy while reading the Phenomenology with a pencil is invaluable as an experience. Otherwise I would recommend the dated by trustworthy and clear Hegel: A Re-examination by J.N. Findlay (an excellent philosopher in his own right, see the website HERE); and also Charles Taylor's Hegel is very, very good: certainly clear and a handy tool to get through the Phenomenology without major issue. Finally, Stern's Hegelian Metaphysics is useful as an overview alongside Findlay's commentary. You can read about Stern's book HERE in addition to other recent commentaries.

Some After Nature readers may be interested  to know that in the spring I'll be running a Science of Logic reading group (the "greater" Logic) with some of my students. There has been suggestion to record those work groups, but we shall see. As it stand I have been thinking about recording and posting my current course in Philosophies of Art & Beauty.