Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mp3 Audio of Opening Remarks for Philadelphia Summer School inContinental Philosophy: "The Current State of Continental Metaphysics:Realism, Materialism, and Religion?"

"The Current State of Continental Metaphysics: Realism, Materialism, and Religion?" Opening remarks from the 2014 Philadelphia Summer School in Continental Philosophy, HERE. (21 MB mp3 audio file download.  Running time: 23:49.)

Opening and closing music by Death in June, added because "only Continental philosophy" knows!

Note that during the talk I take to task both Peter Gratton's Speculative Realism and Steven Shaviro's The Universe of Things: On Speculative Realism.. Both books have (intentionally or not) omitted key players in the conversation (Blake, Hills, Wolfendale) and suffer quite abit because of it.