Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mehdi Belhaj Kacem's first book in English: Transgression and the Inexistent

HERE.  It seems to be a good place to start if one is looking to learn about Kacem, or "MBK" as most call him, especially if one's French isn't perfect (my reading/writing French is decent, my speaking French not the greatest).

Like Quentin Meillassoux, he was a student of Alain Badiou, and is among the new French philosophers of a younger generation.  More rigorous, clear, and academically formidable than someone like Tristan Garcia, I would have to say that if one is looking to read new French philosophy then set Garcia to the side and pick up MBK.

MBK also has a book forthcoming titled The Meillassoux Effect.  A very good article detailing MBK's break from Badiou can be found at The New Inquiry, HERE.

Congratulations to MBK on this achievement!