Friday, February 14, 2014

update on my book through Open Humanities Press

I heard from Joanna of OHP yesterday and now that the first draft of Animal Experience: Consciousness and Emotions in the Natural World is done she states that it should be about three months of review and editing until official publication of the book.  We have been told that the book (hopefully) will appear before the end of June.  As After Nature readers know, last year we began work on the book which is to appear through Open Humanities Press' "Living Books About Life" series.

Now that we are finished and have some hindsight on the project, I am proud to say that I am quite happy with how the book turned out.  There is a fairly large introduction, an extensive bibliography, and a table of contents featuring some very interesting cutting edge research.  The most intriguing part, I think, is the last section which focuses on philosophical views of animals and the emotions.  There you'll find work presented by Philippe Descola, Isabelle Stengers, and Bruno Latour.

Others who have published in the series include Dave Berry, Jussi Parikka, Claire Colebrook, and Steven Shaviro, to name a few.

I am excited for After Nature readers to see this new volume of OHP appear!

Living Books About Life from Peter Woodbridge on Vimeo.