Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hip Philosophers: Short List for 2014

Though last year's was deleted, "Hip Philosophers: the Short List" is brought back by demand with an all new line up.

This is, of course, *tongue in cheek* so no one should get worked up. So relax, it's just snarkiness mode "lite." But, an After Nature reader said I had to do it because last year's list was, to use his language, "so f'n future." Happy to oblige.

Hip Philosophers: The Short List for 2014

1. Mehdi Belhaj Kacem. (Enough said.)
2. Catherine Malabou. (Originally you might say she is so "two year's ago" but her continued emphasis on Hegel has her making a strong comeback. Someone to be reckoned with, bet on it.)
3. Adrian Johnston. (Easily could have taken the number two spot, but...putting out a book with you-know-who's series has too many folks rolling their eyes and walking right by that one. Stll, the Northwestern UP trilogy of books ought to prove incredible, the first part is geat. )
4. Ray Brassier. (Naturalism and a "post" SR vibe never goes out of style even though SR itself is completely out of style.  Brassier is the man.)
5. Tie between Iain Grant and Robert Corrington. Iain's work continues to amaze: German idealism, Schelling and Hegel are "hot" right now, and he edges out others working in German idealism as he is delivering a number of talks on that and nature, which is - it seems - what folks want to hear about. Corrington who? He's now on the map at that "Jane Bennett" level, alot of curiosity about him, again, because of the Hegel/Schelling/nature/realism connection.  Be on the lookout for Corrington and Grant this year.

Runners up:
1. Philippe Descola; Eduardo Viveiros de Castro (both likely on for next year, we just need more from them).

Knocked off the list:
1. Quentin Meillassoux. (A book mostly about Issac Asimov just won't cut it. Sorry.)
2. Tristan Garcia. (Owned by Kacem. Besides, no one's doing "flat ontology" since Buchler grabbed that one quite awhile ago. Ante up TG.)

As a blog that I like to read (seriously) states, "You've been fed!"