Monday, May 27, 2013

nice post on Zalamea, Peirce, and sheaf theory

HERE, from the blog inthesaltmine (a blog which covers a good deal of German idealism and romanticism too).  The post discusses in detail the new Zalamea book through Urbanomic - a book which I posted about HERE some months ago thinking that the book was truly excellent.  Good stuff.

In any case, inthesaltmine's post certainly stands as more evidence that Peirce will have his day in speculative realist circles soon enough (you may want to check out After Nature's and Speculum Criticum's latest cross-over posts for more word on Peirce's growing role in speculative realism, HERE and HERE.

Urbanomic are good folks, definitely some of the more friendly and supportive types in speculative realist circles, and that's always appreciated.  I use Robin Mackay's video introduction to speculative realism in my "Guide to Continental Realism and Materialism."  There's also a nice mp3 by Zalamea up in the After Nature mp3 section which serves as a fairly clear introduction to sheaf theory, so check it out.