Friday, May 31, 2013


CALL FOR PAPERS THE NEW YORK GERMAN IDEALISM WORKSHOP (a joint undertaking of the Philosophy departments of Columbia University and New School for Social Research) presents a Conference on NATURALISM IN GERMAN IDEALISM October 25-26, 2013 Invited speakers:Robert Brandom (University of Pittsburg), Eckart Förster (Johns Hopkins University),Terry Pinkard (Georgetown University), Rachel Zuckert (Northwestern University) We invite submission of high quality papers from dissertation phase PhD students to the 'Naturalism in German Idealism' Conference.  
We welcome submissions that explore such questions, or more generally deal with the relationship between German Idealism, broadly construed, and Naturalism. Papers may concern the commitments of a specific figure in the tradition, or treat the topic more generally. We also welcome papers that consider the work of more contemporary philosophers, such as Peirce, Dewey, McDowell, Brandom, insofar as they concern themselves with these broader themes.   
Submissions should be suitable for blind refereeing and consist in:• An extended abstract of 500-750 words (in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format). • A paper of 3500-4000 words, suitable for a 30 minute talk. • A separate cover sheet including name, title of paper, affiliation, email address and contact details. Submissions should be sent to no later than June 15, 2013. Notification ofacceptance will be sent in mid July. 
Further details, including a provisional program, will be posted as they become available. Please check our website for updates: 
If you have any questions, please contact the workshop organizers at