Saturday, September 1, 2012

some positive responses to Brassier's recent interview

Some positive and thought provoking responses in the blogosphere about the Brassier After Nature interview can be found at Speculum Criticum Traditionis HERE and Dark Chemistry HERE.

The Speculum post really hits the nail on the head, I believe - as it just identifies so concretely that subtext which alot of readers may be curious about, given Brassier's position (or assumed position vis-a-vis his older work in Nihil Unbound) versus my own position (given what has leaked from the forthcoming Speculative Naturalism or simply from the outlook expressed on my blog in general) when it comes to philosophical naturalism, neo-vitalism, process philosophy (whether through Grant or Sellars), materialism, a "dynamics of the sensible" and so on (vis-a-vis the new directions that Brassier's work seems to be heading).  As the post from Speculum summarizes it, "The inquiries also makes me think again that there are always secret connections that can be brought to light between very disparate and apparently antagonistic projects."

While a short interview, given the subtext and the suggestive responses on Brassier's part, I found the interview as something that whetted my appetite concerning his future work. I hope that my readers found the interview suggestive as well.