Wednesday, July 6, 2011

more on Whitehead's God

Over the past few days the blogosphere has been looking at Whitehead's process God, given the "interesting" treatment of Whitehead and religion in Stengers' book, Thinking with Whitehead - something under scrutiny lately (I'd have to point out the very few references to Hartshorne in the book, less than a half dozen, if that; important if any discussion of Whitehead's God is underway).  See my review of the book here.

So in response to the buzz, here is a rather (lengthy) chapter/article by Shaviro on Whitehead's God.  Overall very good, and a nice touch of a comparison between Whitehead and Deleuze.  Of course there is ALOT out there on the subject, but I appreciate the up-to-date and contemporary feel of the article.

As a side note: the article only bolsters my thought that any comparative talk about Whitehead and Spinoza is utterly stupid.  To quote Schelling (and not Lessing's positive use of the phrase), Spinoza is as good as a dead dog.