Monday, July 4, 2011

Caputo on Deleuze Reading Group: Post 6 of 7

Caputo finishes Ch. IV "Ideas and the Synthesis of Difference" (pp. 169-222) and goes over Ch. V as well (rather quickly).  This is his last lecture of the course, and it is probably my second favorite from the series overall.  Caputo hits on some of the major process thinkers here, and he sets up a good discussion about Schelling and Schelling's relationship to Whitehead (an interesting mix, but it fits).  My favorite lecture from this course was on "Difference in Itself" - see that post with comments here  but, again, this particular lecture is definitely a close second.  I'll be wrapping up the reading group with a seventh post by next week - offering some reflections on the course and what I learned from it.  I actually have quite abit to say concerning Deleuze, Whitehead, Hartshorne and process theology, philosophical ecology, etc.  I'll also have some remarks on Meillassoux and process-relational philosophy.  This reading group was such a success that I plan to run another one soon.  Audio lecture here.