Friday, February 24, 2017

Shame on Twitter: "Twitter Cut"

Nick Land reports he has been cut from Twitter. Yet the accounts that daily spew hatred (annoyingly complaining about Trump mostly; trust me, it's gotten old) remain. Oh, the public...  

Apropos thought of the day, in the words of Heidegger: "Only a God can save us now."  

I really had no faith in Twitter anyway, but this only reaffirms my thought that, like Facebook, the idea that Twitter is a platform for free-thinking and democratic communication is a ruse. Twitter is just another pasture for neuro-livestock.

Twitter Cut
// Outside in

@Outsideness has been zapped by Twitter without any explanation (as of yet). It's probably a useful hint that it's past time to look more diligently for a censorship-resistant platform.

This prompted me to give a look. It's still in beta, and will probably take a while to get used to, but there's an @Outsideness account now if anyone's tempted to experiment with exodus.
I've had trouble getting through to (might be a VPN / China Internet issue).

We'll have Urbit eventually.

ADDED: I haven't sought out a fight with Twitter, but had I done so it's hard to imagine there could have been a way to hurt it more than getting Outsideness banned in this way. There's simply no possible case to be made that this is about 'abuse'. There has been nothing remotely like harassment in the history of the account. It's naked thought control. The platform is an undisguised leftist ideological operation. First it collapses down to a partisan bubble with zero credibility beyond its own constituency. Then it dies.