Saturday, October 29, 2016

Greg Sadler

Greg Sadler emailed me, which was great because I've been watching alot of his content for years.  All of it is top notch and I have to say that his "Half-hour Hegel" series on YouTube has set a standard that is on par with the best of hardcopy published Hegel scholarship (meaning, his videos *are just as good as* the best writings of Harris, Findlay, etc.).  I am sure most After Nature readers already know who he is, but if you don't go to his YouTube page HERE.

One thing: definitely see the playlist he devoted to his "more personal talks."  These have inspired me to consider at one point vlogging. I had once thought podcasting might be a way to go (this was a few years ago), but decided against it.  I still am not sure if vlogging would be a good way to go after After Nature ends but I sometimes imagine transitioning the blog over to a YouTube channel, which to continue on in "spirit" would be nice to call, After Nature.  A big however to this though is that I am camera-shy, so that'd be a major obstacle.  Anyway, Greg's personal video series are just as good as all of his formal lectures available on the playlists on his YouTube channel.

But Greg has inspired me to produce content for YouTube in the form of vlogging, possibly. I think it helps folks relate to each other and seeing the person behind the content produced is oh-so important.

Greg seems like a great content-producer, scholar, and fine human being.  It's always nice to meet like-minded folks online - as rare as that happens.  Brian "Skoliast" has always been great (Speculum Criticum Traditionis blog); Adrian Ivakhiv of Immanence blog; the notorious Dirk Feldmen is always passing along great links. Karen Oyama has always been great and supportive.  Matt Segall over at Footnotes to Plato has been legendary in carrying forward conversations; Terrence Blake, Jason Hills, Pete Wolfendale.  These are all folks who are active online and if you don't know their work I say definitely seek it out and see if it's for you.