Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The End of Phenomenology? Not quite (a fitting book review)

HERE.  I never bothered to buy a copy, but only because I knew this book, like Shaviro's and Gratton's, would (whether intentionally or not) omit major players/commentators from the game.  The reviewer obviously caught on to that, so I was vindicated in thinking it couldn't have just been me predicting political interference given the author's interests.

Oh, and the first line of defense regarding the review (not by its author but by the usual blog kingpin who literally rushes in to make sure his name-brand creation remains like Teflon) was the typical and rather stale, "The reviewer is someone that I've personally tangled with years of course its an unkind attack and its personal").

I'm not sure if I should chuckle or roll my eyes.

Nick Land on the "shipwreck" HERE; the initial "blow up" or "meltdown" HERE; or my reportage on that "kerfuffle" HERE.  Most of that is old news though, as entertaining as it is.

Other writings by me: "Noncorrelationist Phenomenology: The Peirce, Whitehead, Hartshorne Axis" HERE; "Noncorrelationist Phenomenolgy: Is it a Possibility?" HERE; "Workshop in Noncorrelationist Phenomenology" HERE; or, when it comes to Speculative Realism instead of Speculative ®ealism™ see THIS.

Moving on...I can see the trolls approaching.  Forbid I offer my opinion on what an NDPR reviewer rightfully called out anyway.

[UPDATE as of 8/2016: My thoughts in this post were only further confirmed by Dan Zahavi in his review of the book. Thank you very much.]