Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the possibility of Ustreaming my upcoming lecture on Parmenidean logic

"That Parmenides introduced a significant change in the method of Greek philosophic thinking is admitted on all hands..."

 If anyone would like me to stream my lecture on Parmenidean logic, as part of my Ancient Philosophy class, please email me to indicate interest.  I've spent alot of time preparing for this lecture and have grown quite passionate about the themes present in Parmenides' logic, specifically.  As I am teaching Ancient Philosophy this semester for my VAP position I am really paying attention to mastering my Greek philosophical terms and going (painfully at times) slowly through the fragments and texts.  Thus I came across some interesting modal ideas present in Parmenides (as well as reconfirmed my love for the nature ontologies of the Presocratics generally).

My Ustream channel is HERE.  I delete videos about a week or two after streaming them because apparently Ustream does that anyway on a basic account.  But those interested can watch live.  I just need to know if it is worth it to do.  So please email me to let me know if you'd like me to stream it.

I plan to cover the theme of correlationism in Parmenides believe it or not, his modal logic (the possibility or impossibility of such), Plato's beard (abit of Quine, actually), and all things interesting pertinent to Parmenidean logic as it comes from what remains of his writings and commentaries on those writings.  About an hour and fifteen minutes which should include lots of student discussion (and heads frying, which is great).  It's quite fun, so thought to share the excitement.  Possibly.  Unless on Parmenides' accord possibility is, itself, impossible as everything that can exist, does exist, and does so necessarily. Erm.  You see? Fun!

Let me know, readers.  I can send out a private link if need be.  It'd also be a good chance to show readers how I interact with my wonderful students and how I am passionate about teaching.  I have great students this year and wonderful classes.

Another link HERE.  HERE.  And finally, HERE.

So, is there a logic of non-being?  And, relating to current pluralistic-atomistic philosophies, following Quine, is it the case that to be is to be a bound variable? An "atomic" subject, so to speak?