Monday, July 21, 2014

the attention economy and "meat capital"

First a link to set the context, HERE.  But read the comments.  "Meat capital" is just so fitting for all of this.  And as Outside In Blog astutely observes, it's worth making your way through the irritation of watching this to really get a sense for the times we live in.

One point: Shing mentions "fragmentation," where the logical consequence seems to be that, inevitably, every human being born will necessarily be born as their own individual "brand" - having their labor capitalized upon in the form of a socially imposed, mandated and continuous self-branding and selling of one's own every thought, hope, dream, desire, or experience (thus "story telling"): whether for attention, for recognition, for societal approval, or for mere survival.

Woe to those who would rather remain human than succumb to social.

Is this the fate of our "posthuman" future?