Tuesday, July 23, 2013

fleeing objectual reduction: accelerating speed for the withdrawl from all objectual representation

"There are no objects.  Only speeds and limits to be broken."

"In a world composed of objects there would be no so-called "objects"...[I]n a world of radical pluralism there would be no determinate reality pretenses made for another, no reduction to a singular orientation that claims to speak for another or all others in their singularity...To acknowledge the radical plurality of the world is to release all determinate and finalized epistemological orientations that claim to somehow 'speak for all' others in their own real metaphysical singularity as a totalizing claim upon what is real, for singularity evidences itself.  This is not to say that singularity is somehow relative to perspective; indeed, quite the opposite: another's freedom (of metaphysical singularity) is not to be spoken for by categorically reducing its reality as a plural singular to an item within your "oriented" ontology, your perspective rather than its own which is always plural and always excessive of a singular orientation. A philosophy of freedom and pluralism is just that: boundless and abundant in perspective as much as it is plural in reality."

The following articles speak to speed, to the breaking through of barriers formed by objectual reduction, to going "off screen," to avoiding being scanned and (hash) tagged.  Oppose objectual reduction.  Of course it's not as if P.E.S.T. created this flavor of thinking - they just introduced me to it.  And I love it.

Anyway, these articles evidence some of the ideas that I am thinking about these days.  I've been introduced to a number of things over the past few weeks - several motions of thought that seem to be intertwined.  Whether processual, libertarian, nihilist, or whathaveyou, I am not sure.  When I can concretely make a statement about how to characterize this new appearance of thought - which for me is an overarching motion of thinking rather than a specific "ism" - I'll certainly create a post.

Resist data control and representation.  Flee, withdraw, go off screen, a revolution "for and by the open."

"Escape Velocities" by Alex Williams.

"The Spam of the Earth" by Hito Steyerl

"Imagining a World Set Free of Their Objects" by B. Lozano / Speculative Materialism blog

Interesting e-flux journal (this has been out for awhile) on "Accelerationist Aesthetics," HERE.