Sunday, December 2, 2012

wolf preserve across the river

We are going to Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia, New Jersey.  I wasn't aware of this little gem, but my sister had mentioned it on Thanksgiving Day and we found these reviews of the place, so it definitely seems worth checking out.  Afterall, we're less than 10 minutes away across the river on the Pennsylvania side.

On the preserve's website there is a nice photo gallery and it seems like you can get some good snapshots.  I'll post to my Picasa whatever good shots I happen to get. 

Also worth noting are some upcoming events at Pocono Environmental Education Center.  We are going to go on the "Hibernation Hike."  Some of their other activities looks interesting as well.

Winter is upon us here in the Poconos!  It certainly is beautiful, and while grim and cold, it is still one of my favorite seasons.  In fact, that grimness and coldness is part of the Pocono winter's natural beauty.