Tuesday, October 9, 2012

recent publications and some forthcoming ones

I received a copy of the new American Journal of Theology and Philosophy issue featuring in print my review of Pugliese's The One, the Many, and the Trinity: Joseph A. Bracken and the Challenge of Process Metaphysics.

Also from Indiana University Press and AJTP, I received the proof pages for my article on Deleuze and ecstatic naturalism titled, "Nature's Transcendental Creativity: Deleuze, Corrington, and an Aesthetic Phenomenology."

My review of Hartshorne's Creative Experiencing will appear for that journal as well, probably within a few months time.  (As a side note: a review also appeared on pragmatism and naturalism - the book title is eluding me at the moment - but it was written by my very good friend, Martin Yalcin, who also has an interest in philosophical naturalism and theology like I do.

A Philosophy of Sacred Nature: Prospects for Ecstatic Naturalism is well underway, suffering a delay but now back on track.  We are hoping it will be in print within 8-10 months.  My chapter is titled, "Ecology, Aesthetics, and Nature's Theological Value."

Otherwise I have yet to begin my entry on Peirce for the Peirce dictionary (through De Groyter Mouton) and my entry on "speculative realism" due to the IEP.