Thursday, June 7, 2012

the deep transcendence of objects

Agent Swarm (new blog to me, seems pretty good so far) has these two interesting posts.

"Objects do not 'withdraw', they 'transcend'" - very good write-up.

[O]bjects do not withdraw, they transcend. They transcend our perception and our knowledge, they transcend all relations and interactions. As Harman reiterates, objects are deep (“objects are deeper than their appearance to the human mind but also deeper than their relations to one another”, p4, “the real table is a genuine reality deeper than any theoretical or practical encounter with it…deeper than any relations in which it might become involved”, p9-10). This “depth” is a key part of Harman’s ontology, which is not flat at all, but centered on this vertical dimension of depth and transcendence.
I do not believe that individuals, in their own density, are not "deeper than their relations to one another."  The depth had by individuals is equal - equal in the sense that each and every individual is infinitely deep, infinitely dense, in an ontological sort of freedom and potential.

And, On an Inconsistent Kantianism - chronicles "post-badiousian" philosophers Garcia and Meillassoux.  The conversation continues.