Thursday, December 1, 2011

God and the logic of worlds


I. Introduction to Modality and Possibility  

A. Modal Logic Introduced (download .pdf file) 

B. Introduction to Modality and Possibility (G. W. F. Leibniz and David Lewis)

II. How Modal Logic Enhances Theology 

A. In the second clip below, around 1:20, we find out how a logic of possible worlds can enhance theology.

III. Plantinga on Leibniz's best of all possible worlds argument

IV. Is God a necessary being (in all worlds)?  Or is God an absolutely contingent being that may be (now), but once is, must be?

V. Why this World?  Modal Realism and God

VI. Charles Hartshorne: The Logic of Perfection 

D. "Charles Hartshorne and the Ontological Argument" (Process Studies, Vol. 14, Number 1, Spring, 1984): 11-20.

E. Hartshorne's Modal Argument