Monday, November 21, 2011

upcoming talks and other information

I am currently preparing my paper, "Speculating God: On Whitehead and Meillassoux" to be read at EN 2012.

My second major paper of the year (thinking 2012 already!) considers ecology and empathy - and that will be read in Thailand at Assumption University, Bangkok. [Update: this talk was postponed until summer of 2013.]

I have one book review coming out in May, and then during January I plan to write another review that should hopefully be out sometime over the summer. Also in January (or May) there will be a review of my Peirce book coming out in American Journal of Theology and Philosophy.

At EN 2012 there will be a book discussion panel dedicated to my Charles Sanders Peirce and a Religious Metaphysics of Nature (the other half of the panel will go to Nam Nguyen's excellent Nature's Primal Self).