After Nature Podcasts & MP3 Downloads

Contemporary 21st-century philosophers discuss the new forms of materialism, realism, idealism, speculative philosophy, logic, ecology, theology, aesthetics, ethics, and politics.

Here you'll find mp3s of talks by Catherine Malabou, Alain Badiou, Francois Laruelle, Slavoj Zizek, John Caputo, Quentin Meillassoux, Ray Brassier, Bruno Latour, Isabelle Stengers, and Iain Hamilton Grant, to name but just a few.

After Nature Podcasts & Mp3 Downloads

++ Markus Gabriel and Ray Brassier "Matter and Mind: Is Consciousness Inexplicable?"
From The Institute of Art and Ideas, part of the podcast Philosophy for Our Times, 2017. (MP3)

++ Jane Bennett
"Life, Intensities, Outside Influences"
From the Colloquium New Materialisms: Emergence or Panpsychism? held at Villanova University, Philadelphia, March 2017. (MP3)

++ Iain Hamilton Grant
"Nature After Nature"
From the Symposium Nature After Nature at Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany, July 2014. (MP3)

++ Judith Jones
"Provocative Expression in the Metaphysics of Whitehead"
From the Phenomenology, Minds, and Media Seminars, Duke University, December 7th, 2014. (MP3)

++ Iain Hamilton Grant
"Interview with Iain Hamilton Grant"
From the MUN Jockey Club, St. John's, Canada, June 5th-7th 2014. (MP3)

++ John Caputo
"Continental Philosophy of Religion and the New Metaphysics: Lectures on Brassier/Meillassoux & Malabou/Latour"

From Philadelphia Summer School in Philosophy: Topic - Continental Philosophy of Religion and the New Metaphysics, campus of Immaculata University, Malvern, Pennsylvania, August 2014. 

Two MP3s: Caputo on Meillassoux & Brassier (MP3)  /  Caputo on Malabou & Latour. (MP3)

++ Iain Hamilton Grant
"Romanticism and Ontological Suprematism"
From Cologne Media Lecture Series, Koln, Germany, May 2014. (MP3)

++ Pamela Lyon
"The Secret Life of Bacteria"
From the the Radio Broadcast All in the Mind with Lynn Malcolm, ABC Radio National, Australia, June 2014. (MP3)

++ Michael Marder
"Plant Thinking"
 From the the Radio Broadcast Philosopher's Zone with Joe Gelonesi, ABC Radio National, Australia, June 2013.  (MP3)
++ Richard Kearney
"Anatheism and 'God After God': Interview with Richard Kearney"  
From the Radio Broadcast "Entitled Opinions about Life and Literature" with Robert Harrison on WKZSU 90.1 Stanford University, Stanford, California, April 2014. (MP3)

++ Didier Debaise
"A Universe of Possessions (Whitehead, Tarde, Leibniz)"  
From IKKM Conference: BEING WITH Affinities--Attachments--Assemblages, Weimar, Germany, April 2013. (MP3)

++ Speculation on Anonymous Materials
+Marcus Gabriel (Bonn University)
"Realism & Materialism"  (MP3)

+Maurizio Ferraris (Turin)
"Why Matter Matters"  (MP3)

+Iain Hamilton Grant (University of West England)
"The Construction of Matter and the Deep Field Problem"  (MP3)

+Robin Mackay (Urbanomic / Sequence Press)
"Matter, Material, Immaterials: art-philosophy-curating 30 years after Lyotard"  (MP3)

+Reza Negarestani (New York)
"Frontiers of Manipulation"  (MP3)

+Panel discussion with Markus Gabriel, Robin Mackay, Reza Negarestani, Iain Hamilton Grant, Armen Avanessian  (MP3)

These mp3s were recorded from the symposium: “Speculations on Anonymous Materials” January 2014 at FridericianumKassel, Germany.

++ Eduardo Kohn
"Thinking with a Forest's Thoughts"  
From CSTMS Berkeley,  May 2013, Berkeley, California. (MP3)

++ Mathew David Segall
"Worldly Religion in Whitehead and Deleuze: Towards an Incarnational Philosophy"  
From the 9th International Whitehead Conference,  September 2013, Krakow, Poland. (MP3)

++ Iain Hamilton Grant
"Philosophy and the Natural History of Mind"
From the Human Experience and Nature, Royal Institute of Philosophy Conference 2011, UWE, Bristol. (MP3)

++ Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, or Unworkability (Alexander Galloway from French Theory Today)
Public School lecture from "French Theory Today," NYC.  (MP3) (LINK to .pdf)

++ Markus Gabriel
"The Meaning of Existence and Contingency of Sense"
Delivered for the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy.  Kingston University, UK - spring 2012.  (MP3 talk)  (MP3 Q&A)

++ Robert S. Corrington
"Nature's Sublime"
The plenary address delivered by Professor Robert S. Corrington at the Third International Congress on Ecstatic Naturalism held at Drew University, Madison, NJ on April 12th and 13th, 2013, wherein he discusses his recent book, "Nature's Sublime." (MP3)

++ Alexander Galloway
"Rocket: Present at Every Point of the Remote"
From Dark Nights of the UniverseRecess Activities and Public School event dialoging with Francois Laruelle's "Du noir univers" - April 2012. (MP3), with corresponding video (VIMEO link).

++ Ray Brassier
"Nominalism, Naturalism, and Materialism"
From the Philosophy of Nature and Naturalism SeriesUniversity of West England, Bristol UK - February 2013.  (MP3)

++Fernando Zalamea
"Sheaf Logic and Philosophical Synthesis"
From Versus Laboratory 24- Netherlands - September 2011. (MP3)

++Francois Laruelle
"The Degrowth of Philosophy: Towards a Generic Ecology""
From Laruelle in London LGS Seminars.  London Graduate School, UK - December 2012.  (MP3)

++Adrian Johnston
"Naturalism or Anti-Naturalism?" 
From Real Objects or Material Subjects, Department of Philosophy, University of Dundee, Scotland - March 2010. (MP3)

++Catherine Malabou
"It Does Not Have to Be Like This" (On Meillassoux and Contingency)
From Forum for European Philosophy, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK - September 2012. (MP3)

++Jane Bennett
"Power of the Horde"
From The Political Life of Things Conference, London, UK - December 2010.  (MP3)

++Berlin Speculative Realism Workshop: "Contemporary Materialism, Realism, and Metaphysics"

+Ray Brassier (American University Beirut)
May 4, 2012 Lecture: “That Which is Not”

+Iain Hamilton Grant (University of the West of England)
May 10, 2012 Lecture: "Origins of Dynamics"

+Quentin Meillassoux (Université de Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne)
April 20th, 2012 Lecture: "Iteration, Reiteration, Repetition. A Speculative Analysis of the Meaningless Sign"

These mp3s were recorded from the speculative realism workshop, "Contemporary Materialism, Realism, and Metaphysics," Freie Universitat, Berlin - Germany, 2012.

Robert Corrington addresses EN 2012.
++Ecstatic Naturalism Conference
 A Review of Nam T. Nguyen's Nature's Primal Self, and Corrington reads Nam's response (Nguyen was unable to attend) (MP3).

From the Second International Congress on Ecstatic Naturalism, Drew University - Madison, New Jersey - April 2012.

++Thinking the Absolute Conference

"Absolute Mysticism" features three talks with Q&A session(s).   Daniel Coluciello Barber, Anthony Paul Smith and Nicola Masciandaro. Speaker info and paper titles before each presentation. (MP3).

From the Thinking the Absolute Conference (Association for Continental Philosophy of Religion) June-July 2012 at Liverpool Hope University, UK.  (Credit to AUFS blog for originally posting this, After Nature converted it to mp3.)

++Eugene Thacker
"Divine Darkness" 
From Dark Materialism Conference - Kingston University, London, UK - January 2011.

++ John Caputo"The Future of Continental Philosophy" 
From The Future of Continental Philosophy of  Religions Conference- Syracuse University, New York - spring 2011(MP3)

++ John Caputo
Deleuze lectures 
From Transcendence and Immanence Seminar- Syracuse University, New York - fall 2007.

"Does transcendence mean the search for a world beyond this one or is there some sense in which there is a transcendence of or in this world which is not a transcendence beyond the world?  By the same token, does immanence always mean we are "trapped" in the world or does it represent its own kind of surpassal, splendor, or glory?  What difference, ethically or politically, would it make to be the champion of one or the other?"


++ Caputo on Meillassoux
Meillassoux lectures 
posted on After Nature blog in the fall of 2011 as part of an After Finitude reading group.

These lectures were originally part of a larger seminar entitled, The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion, offered at Syracuse University by John Caputo in the fall of 2010.  This same title now applies to a forthcoming volume through Indiana University Press, featuring essays on, among other related topics, Quentin Meillassoux's and John Caputo's relationship to the philosophy of religion

++ Iain Hamilton Grant
 "Introduction to Hegel"  
From VersoBooks event to launch Zizek's Less Than Nothing, Cafe Oto, London - UK, June 2012. (MP3)

++ Ray Brassier
"Bergson, Lived Experience, and the Myth of the Given" 
From To Have Done with Life Conference , Zagreb - June 2011. (MP3)

Ray Brassier lecture on Bergson at the To Have Done with Life Conference on vitalism and anti-vitalism in contemporary philosophy.  Zagreb, June 2011. 

Ray Brassier commentary on Nick Land's "Accelerationism" from Accelerationism,  Goldsmiths University of London - UK, September 2010.  (MP3)

++ Quentin Meillassoux
"Speculative Realism: a One-Day Workshop" 
From Goldsmiths, London - UK, 2007.  (MP3)

QUENTIN MEILLASSOUX lecture in English at the Speculative Realism conference held at Goldmiths, University of London in 2007.  Recording from Robin Mackay of Collapse.  Shared under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommerical-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.  Music by Death in June (All Rights Reserved).