Thursday, October 2, 2014

the PhilPapers affair

I inquired about why none of my publications were listed in the "Speculative Realism" category with PhilPapers more than a few months ago, if not a year ago.

In the "Speculative Realism" category the only articles that were approved (two of them) were those submitted by journals and not me. So anything that I personally submitted wasn't ever approved in that category. And yes, the editor does see those submissions.

When essentially all of my work in speculative realism is ignored by the one person who claims that label applies to them (and by ignored I mean anything that I publish directly in that field is never acknowledged or engaged, including two interviews with two originals of the 2007 conference - and how many other interviews with those two figures are out there? - but also many articles and reviews, conferences, etc.) then how else am I supposed to interpret a "technical glitch" that was outstanding and never addressed for at least a year?

This person has had the chance to clear the air with me ever since my own misinterpration of him offering me (what I mistook as) moral support in a situation that after a certain point had nothing to do with me (which is the only thing that I ever did to upset him). So yes, I misinterpreted him once several years ago. And so that makes me "devious" enough so that my work is refused pointblank without even looking at it, for years? And what then in context is the definition of "blackballing" if not being purposefully excluded and cut out of a conversation?

You would think that someone of character would accept an olive branch, right?

And by the by, my sole purpose is *far* from stirring up trouble. Through a mutual friend (Tom S.) I've tried to mend the fence on plenty of occasions. I'm not the one who is disdainfully looking down on the other person here. The sort of punishment going on here is far from necessary. I think that this person is holding onto some sort of personal grudge from years ago and cannot move on past it.