Friday, October 17, 2014

Object Oriented Phiasco (post from The Trott Line blog)

Another view on "the Wolfendale kerfuffle," a.k.a. the Speculative Realism "meltdown" (head nod Nick Land on that coinage).  I am in the camp that Gratton and Shaviro just plain have it wrong, and am publishing at least one review saying so.  There are just too many holes in the relevant literature cited in their books (or better, what is not cited in their books); missing way too much about the real movers and shakers.

Land's coinage of "meltdown" is no joke.

Oh, I smile when I see renditions of the new band so-called (there is a .gif going around that I'll have to dig up) rational materialists (or something like that) or neo-rationalists (I'm a fan of Whitehead, Hegel, etc. etc. so I can get away with that, maybe I'd play drums or something) of Wolfendale, Brassier, Niemoczynski, and Blake.  Pretty funny...if I can dig it up again.

Link to Adriel's post HERE.