Friday, October 3, 2014

an update on PhilPapers

Apparently PhilPapers has a "professional author" check-box that needs to be unchecked in order to see specific articles while one is browsing categories or doing specific searches.  The box is checked by default, so unless it is "unchecked" certain publications won't appear.  I have no idea what the difference is between an article written by a "professional" versus someone else, but, whatever.

The editor of the Speculative Realism category claims that there was a "technical glitch" which prevents three of my published, peer-reviewed journal articles from appearing in that category despite me submitting them there, and despite me complaining some months ago to David Chalmers (a main guy running PhilPapers) about how the publications were not showing up in a standard search.  Apparently the publications do show up if you uncheck the "professional" author status, however.

The omission is still current; so, not all of my publications in the SR category are showing up within anyone's default search.  And as of now the omission or "technical glitch" is still in effect despite it being reported.  I am just wondering if the editor of that category is the one who ought to see that technical glitches or errors such as these are corrected once they become aware of it.  It may be that the articles never make their way over to a searchable status.  I have no idea.