Friday, October 17, 2014

Herbart's Philosophy of Nature (precursor to Bergson, contemporary of Schelling and Hegel)

Just an excellent summary HERE over at Scottish Hegelian blogspot.  Very worth the read, see the summary below.  For me what was interesting in the summary is discussion of the continuum - which welds together mathematics and metaphysics pace Deleuze, Peirce, and Bergson.  Also the sections on "matter" and "realism" are worth the read - and the animated.gif about the 20th century being a "winter" for the philosophy of nature was nice.
This post summarizes Herbart's philosophy of nature. Herbart shared the project of a philosophical understanding of nature distinct though complementary in its aims and method from natural science with his contemporaries Schelling and Hegel. This is not now a common project. We draw for our account on Marcel Mauxion's La Métaphysique de Herbart (1894). The above image is of the Herbartdenkmal in Oldenburg around 1900.