Friday, January 13, 2017

We must stop animal abuse. Now.

Today our Animal Ethics online class ends with video journal projects and for my students, as we were discussing music, I wanted to share a video of some old friends of mine playing when I was more involved with the animal rights and liberation scene (especially the music) of the late '90s/early '00s. Bands like Earth Crisis's early albums - the first two - or Green Rage, Tears of Gaia,etc.  Here we have my very good friends Gather. Check them out.

This was before I went retro and decided to hide permanently in the coldwave / new-wave retrosynth scene of the '80s.  I've remained hidden in the '80s since and haven't come out. (YouTube channels like NewViceCity and NewRetroWave keep my auditory attention occupied for hours while I am stuck in grading jail.)

Hanging onto my late '30s, I find that hiding in the the precious decade of the '80s suits me best, at this point in my life. And while I am "Gen-X" it seems the kids these days love '80s music too, especially the obscure stuff, so maybe they and I both have good musical taste...somehow.

But anyway, from another time in my life when I had different musical tastes and when my radical environmentalist interests were much more pronounced - or at least pronounced in a different way, here's Gather. Enjoy, and perhaps be inspired as I was.