Friday, January 20, 2017

new Ray Brassier interview completed

Ray Brassier was kind enough to answer in a good amount of detail some lengthier questions posed that I had sent to him some time back this past summer.  We finally wrapped things up in our correspondence about a week ago.  This updated lengthier segment of the interview will be added to the interview we did back in 2012 and published in the forthcoming SR book (not here at After Nature, at least not initially), thus updating it after four (or by the time of publishing) five years later - extending it both in terms of length/content but also in terms of time..

Ray spent such an incredible amount of effort in updating the responses and answering the new questions that rather than simply update and publish the interview here at After Nature first and immediately (which I have chosen not to do), I think it would be best to publish it first through a journal as a full-blown article/interview (like the Iain Hamilton Grant interview I did - where it was published in Cosmos & History first and then only here at After Nature after that) and also in my forthcoming book as part of a chapter (which Ray said was fine to do) because of its length.  This way folks would be excited to obtain the book and seek out the interview as a linked publication.  I could then update/post here at After Nature after it has been published and thus be able to use it as something more formal on my CV etc. rather than it simply being a blog post.  So in essence I would like for it to be a more formal publication first.

I'd like to thank Ray for being so kind and gracious enough to agree to add to the interview.  It turned out wonderfully and his responses, I think, will be very, very interesting for many.

The interview should appear first in my book -which will be soon - but I am currently seeking an Open Access online journal that might be interested in publishing it.  So if you are an editor with an online journal or know of someone who might be interested to publish it please get in touch.