Sunday, January 15, 2017

Greg Sadler on the possibility of After Nature becoming a YouTube channel

I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time and having a consultation-Skype session with Greg Sadler the other day concerning the issue of pros and cons of possibly transferring After Nature blog (short for "web log") over to a "vlog" (short for ''video log").  For those who don't know Greg's work - his online presence is immense - I highly encourage that you take a look at his YouTube channel HERE which has an *enormous* amount of high quality content. (His "Half Hour Hegel" series is especially worth looking at, HERE.)

Greg was kind enough to spend about an hour and a half (!!!) of his (I'm sure) precious and much valuable time consulting me in the basics of beginning a YouTube channel, including discussing technical details as well as the prospects and challenges involved, and just overall providing me with so much needed information that I had been seeking for so long.  So I'd like to publicly first, thank him of course; but second, state that he is very, very knowledgeable having the experience that he does.  So thanks so much Greg!

About two or so years ago I had considered beginning a podcast to either supplement (or replace) After Nature blog, but as Greg and I discussed, there is something about a live presentation of the human form which can do so much more for the presentation of content, especially given some of the ideas I have for what I'd like to accomplish in terms of my "brand."  I think what attracts me to the possibility of transferring After Nature over to a video log ("vlog") would be that it would be more personable and I'd be able to allow my ability to relate to people as I do (for example while I teach) to shine through via video presentation.  Not that the videos would be lectures, but the presentation of ideas would be in the same vein of passion of my teaching - and I think viewers would certainly enjoy that.

Give that presentation, however, Greg had mentioned that from what I had been telling him it almost sounded as if I was aiming to produce a short philosophy video program (whether weekly, monthly, etc.) rather than just setting a camera on myself and speaking or lecturing.  And that would require some work. I do not want the viewer to just sit there and stare at me sitting there speaking. I'd like to interject videos of nature or stills of things; incorporate very short clips of music; have textual transitions involving quotes; and if I am speaking it'd be in various natural environments interspersed with other things to keep things "moving along" at a quicker pace despite the overall arc of the idea/reflection presented being just one central hub as to what the video would be about.

All in all I'd need to develop a pilot episode to see how After Nature readers respond; and if a YouTube channel seems more palatable for the presentation of content then that would be the route I'd go.

As the new semester begins this Monday I'm sure it will be some time before I could on such a pilot episode.  But what I walked away with after my conversation with Greg was something like a seven to ten minute program (he said it'd likely more be about 15 minutes) in which I'd discuss just one main idea or present one main reflection. How the presentation of that one idea would be structured is the challenging part and almost would have to be written into a 'script" of sorts.

Part of me would like to, if this makes sense, "de-professionalize" an After Nature vlog/YouTube channel in that it would be a more "personal" presentation by broadening the content to include not only philosophy, but more personal reflections on nature, art, culture, music, food, and travel. That indeed would be a 15 minute program.

So, I'll ponder some of these ideas but if readers have ideas or suggestions please feel free to let me know.  I do know that blogging is now *extremely* outdated as a form of presentation - indeed a medium of the mid '00s., Twitter, too, is on its way out as a medium of relevance (I don't have Twitter and don't plan on it), and Facebook (which I do not have either nor plan to) has been out of the game for some time among younger folks but increasing in popularity among the elderly (literally, those above 65 years of age).

YouTube channels seem to be the route of the future (not only for Millennials but the the upcoming unnamed younger generation behind them)  - and if I go that way, as I told Greg, whatever I present I'd like for it to be, most of all, *dynamic* in presentation. So a short "video program" of sorts might be about right.

If a pilot episode does develop obviously it would post here at After Nature blog first before I made any official transition, archiving the blog and moving over conclusively to a vlog. As things develop you'll hear here first.