Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hegel, Tillich, and Caputo

New friend Jacob Given has gotten in touch.  Jacob, who is a graduate student at Villanova, is the author of "Letting the Finite Vanish, Hegel, Tillich, and Caputo on the Ontological Philosophy of Religion" which I have linked before here at After Nature.  For those who haven't seen the paper, definitely check it out HERE.

Jacob tells me he is interested in the possibility of metaphysics after deconstruction and German idealism. My cup of tea.  One author I would suggest to those who enjoy his paper is Christopher Ben Simpson - a philosopher and theologian has written books on Deleuze and theology and Merleau-Ponty and theology.  Simpson also authored The William Desmond Reader.

While on topic, for those interested, William Desmond is another name to check out.  His trilogy of God and the Between, Being and the Between, and Ethics and the Between is top notch, as are his writings on Hegel.  There is a very nice interview with Desmond HERE, and he is endorsed by Creston Davis HERE.  Great reading for those interested in "radical theology."  It seems to me radical theology is on the rise in Continental philosophy of religion, mostly thanks to the Homebrewed Christianity crowd which has alot of influence due to their (fantastic) heavily followed blog and podcast.