Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Alexander Bard on Network Metaphysics (video)

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I actually met Bard for the first time at Ecstatic Naturalism 2015.  He is an interesting guy and very animated.

His viewpoint reminds me of Latour meets Whitehead as it knits together actor-network theory with agentialist ideas concerning the internet, and with his "syntheism" his viewpoint reminds me of Corringtonian ecstatic naturalist metaphysics, whose naturalist metaphysics is indeed theistic, and seems to be gaining some traction in circles of what has recently been called "radical theology."

I've been turned on to Corrington, Catherine Keller, but also Alexander Bard as new players in the radical theology circle. Although aside Corrington I haven't read enough of their work as I probably should have.  Definitely more to check out from them (one example would be Catherine Keller's Face of the Deep: A Theology of Becoming).