Friday, September 27, 2013

interview with William Desmond

Was perusing the contents of a new open-access journal, Radical Orthodoxy.  I found it by running into an interview with William Desmond by Christopher Ben Simpson (see link HERE).

I wouldn't link Desmond necessarily with RO (Milbank, Ward, Cunningham, and friends) although I could see where a conversation might take place in terms of Desmond utilizing a "return to sources" type approach in order to break new ground (however his sources are not, say, biblical or even philosophically Aquinas and Augustine, as they are in RO.  He works more closely with Hegel, Nietzsche, Plato).

The movement "radical theology" - something entirely different from RO in spirit - is perhaps a more true conversation partner, but I understand that the title of "radical theology" has been challenged in any meaning or potential meaning by two blogs that I read from time to time, each having their own perspective on the issue.

Regardless, the interview is first rate and definitely worth a read.