Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The After Nature Korean world tour continues

Interview with Corrington and Niemoczynski by Seoul's largest Ecumenical newspaper on ecstatic naturalism and speculative naturalism, soon to be published along with video clips and photos on their website. (See below.) - A huge amount of thanks is in order both to our host and translator, Iljoon P., as well as the interviewer who asked absolutely amazing questions. Very deep questions actually, over an hour long interview.

Also, there was another interview I did a week ago in the US with a smaller publication, more on that soon, but the essence of it was the spirit of speculative naturalism (versus other real or imaginary "movements" found elsewhere online) as speculative naturalism is found here represented on my blog of seven years, After Nature.

The rest of this week is devoted to two conferences, the largest of which is actually on Thursday, contrary perhaps to my prior report.

The After Nature Korean world tour continues!