Monday, January 22, 2018

NrX online publication Social Matter on Ernst Juenger's The Worker

NrX online publication Social Matter has posted a rather exceptional write-up covering Ernst Juenger's The Worker (1932) as well his quite interesting relationship with Ernst Niekisch (for as strained as that relationship was. Somewhat on Juenger's watch Niekisch was imprisoned, went blind, and died shortly after his release. Although Juenger himself could hardly be blamed as, he, too, was nearly imprisoned - some say nearly executed - for charges similar to Niekisch's).

Regardless, the article has a ... unique way of reading The Worker, one which views Typus in a way that I'd never really considered before. It's worth a read and a ponder. The Worker remains one of EJ's most under-appreciated works. Cliche' to say, but definitely true. Heidegger dedicated to Juenger a volume of his Gesamtausgabe (vol. 90, published in 2004 to be exact) and later EJ would respond in the year 1950 with his essay "Across the Line" (Ueber die Linie).