Saturday, December 2, 2017

Dissertation on Post-Kantian process philosophy and Schelling and Whitehead

By Mathew David Segall, HERE. I've know Matt for quite a few years now having been a regular reader of his blog Footnotes to Plato.  My understanding is that he completed the Ph.D. fairly recently and is now teaching out in California somewhere. In any case, Matt has always been supportive of After Nature blog and supportive in our mutual philosophical interests. He is a first rate human being to say the least. During the height of the blog wars ("skirmishes") which took place in the early 2010's  over the meaning of "Speculative Realism" and the validity and worth (or lack thereof) of "object oriented ontology" for example, Matt always responded as a class act to those who, frankly, behaved like disrespectful monsters and thugs. There were several occasions where I saw other bloggers level the most personal and horrible insults at him and he responded with such dignity and class.  That always impressed me so much. When I was personally attacked by these same people Matt was kind and supportive, was never judgmental, and always took the time to listen knowing that there are two sides to every story.  I am so grateful to him for that. 

I've learned alot from interacting with Matt and certainly have learned much from his absolutely fantastic dissertation which you should certainly take a look at if you get the chance. It's excellent work.