Saturday, December 2, 2017

another dissertation: John Maus (yes...John Maus the musician)

HERE. His dissertation, a political treatise in the Continental philosophical vein, is worth looking at, especially if one is a fan of Maus's music. (Check out his music and philosophy HERE.) Vulture Magazine also has a nice write up on Maus's whereabouts and activities HERE.

Maus is a very rare instance of a professional, or highly "successful" let's say, musician who is also a professional (Ph.D.'d) academic philosopher. I think he essentially maintains equal notoriety in both fields.

Maus had been producing music in the 2010's and then went on to focus upon completing his Ph.D. at the University of Hawaii. The dissertation's completion is fairly recent, or recent enough that the fact he has also just released a new album is an amazing feat in itself. I should also congratulate Maus for recently getting married. His wife is a rather famous artist from Hungary and a great human being as well.

New John Maus album Screen Memories is available now.