Friday, May 12, 2017

Bataille’s Revenge

Craig H. blogs about Bataille and much more, as linked below. Recently I've been reading quite abit of Bataille, actually - due to my recent foray into the accelerationist philosophy of Nick Land. Bataille's Nietzschean aesthetics of intensity reminds me very much of the 20th century German literatur Ernst Juenger, and as I've mentioned before Juenger's thought - mostly in essays such as "Total Mobilization" but moreso his treatise The Worker: Dominion and Form - could very well be a hidden gem of so-called "right" accelerationist philosophy, whatever that might mean. 

Bataille's Revenge
// Technocommercium

In truth, Bataille seems to me far less an intellectual predicament than a sexual and religious one, transecting the lethargic suicide upon which we are all embarked. To accept his writings is an impossibility, to resist them an irrelevance. One is excited abnormally, appalled, but without refuge. Nausea perhaps? —Nick Land, A Thirst for Annihilation … Continue reading Bataille's Revenge