Tuesday, February 28, 2017

John Dewey reading group

For After Nature readers who happen to be my students (current or former) given that we've finished up earlier than expected our Merleau-Ponty reading group, for the next seven weeks until the end of the semester we'll be reading together some pieces by John Dewey, fyi.  Those interested should get in touch.

We'll mostly be looking at Dewey's metaphysics in Experience and Nature and Art as Experience, as well Dewey's essay "The Postulate of Immediate Empiricism."  This fits well with my current reading/teaching schedule of Environmental Philosophy and seems to fit with alot of our class discussions about the differences between so-called "shallow environmentalism" and "deep ecology" (a great book to read is John Dewey and Environmental Philosophy, .pdf HERE).

For summer Hegel's Science of Logic was a strong possibility (and still is), although topics for summer and fall are very much up in the air.  I was thinking to split the Logic between fall and spring, but we'll see because alot of students were interested to fit in reading some Fichte this year as well.  As always it depends on student interests at the time.